The machine is suitable for glass container volumetric filling, tinplate or plastic with pasty-like products, more or less dense, containing also ingredients in small pieces (tomato sauce, sauces, gravy, pesto, mousse, pâtés, creams, honey, compote, jams, smoothies/fruit nectars, etc.).


• Extreme versatility (the machine can be used for a particularly wide range of products and containers);
• High precision and product caring filling thanks to volumetric dosing measurement;
• Manufacturing configuration adapting to filling product specifics and to the required output per hour;
• Possibility to vary from the electric panel, the entire process machine speed;
• Format change operations are very easy and quick: synchronising auger and star wheel unit replacement, manual height adjustment of the filling head according to the height of the container to be filled, filling   volume adjustment - from the electric panel - according to the format of the container to be treated, with working machine too;
• Easy access to inner components for cleaning and maintenance.

Approximate production range 2.400-9.600 containers/hour of 300 ml
Filling volume up to 700 ml
Pistons number from 4 up to 16

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