The machine is suitable to fill containers of different formats – glass, tinplate or PET – with vegetable products of proper sizes and/or shapes (olives, artichokes, cucumbers, dried tomatoes, legumes, fruits, etc.). The filling occurs by product falling from a vibrating distribution plane over the containers, that are moving in a underlaying position on a specially provided conveyor.


• Extreme versatility (the machine can be used for a particularly wide range of both solid vegetable products and containers);
• Reduced percentage of product loss thanks to a specially provided recovery system;
• Continuous process cycle automation with consequent manpower saving;
• Possibility of sizing and manufacturing configuration according to the specifics of the product to be treated;
• Possibility to vary the entire machine speed from the control panel (according to the format of the container to be filled) and vibration intensity;
• Easy access to inner components for cleaning and maintenance.

Approximate production range 3.000-18.000 kg/hour
Filling volume 100 - 5.000 ml

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