lavoraconnoiIn the field of machinery and plant for the vegetable processing industry, we offer high quality products and a range of machines, lines and solutions that few other companies can offer.
We have always known that each customer has specific needs that should be heeded, developed and implemented.
Continually dealing with different issues has increased our experience and expanded the field of application of our machinery.
We are interested in getting in touch with local agents who are able to find serious customers interested in our machines and our processing lines, able to understand their demands and guide them towards the choices that suit their real needs.
We look for professionalism and the ability to share our passion for building quality machines aimed at achieving complete customer satisfaction.
We invite any person or company that believes they have the spirit of initiative and the ability to offer our machines and our solutions in their own nation to contact us.
The main nations where we are looking for agents are:
UK, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia.

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