Processing lines


This line is designed to mix different kinds of salad.
Automatic or manual coring.
Delicate cut.
Double/triple wash.
Centrifugal dryer - Maxi or Double.
Possibility to sanitize water with UV lamps, new Hypochlorous acid or ozone.
Flexible Layout adaptable to the available space - end of line (packaging) optimization.
Production range according to customer requirements.

Tube 1: two examples of lines, with different salads processing capacities.

Video #1: example of two lines for adult salads processing, with different production capacity.

Video #2: cleaning conveyor belts for preparation and salad mixing.

Video #3: adult salads' processing line (Ukraine).

Film 4:  High-Tech Salad Line (Sweden).

Approximate production range 300 - 3000
Shelf-life 6-7 days at 4°C

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